As a holistic registered dietitian, I’ve spent the last few years counseling clients and teaching nutrition classes. With a love for cooking up hearty and wholesome meals, I decided to move from teaching nutrition to providing nutrition. Combining my passion for health and cooking lead to the creation of Sassy Spoon.

After learning about the connection between food and how the body functions and feels, I gradually moved away from an overly processed diet high in sugar and carbohydrates to a diet rich in healthy fats, high quality proteins, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Slowly I began to experience all the wonders of eating real food.

I never thought I felt poorly before, but suddenly my mood was more positive, my energy levels higher, my metabolism balanced, and my sugar cravings gone. I never would have believed eating real food would have had such an effect on my well-being had I not experienced it myself. And so, nutrition became my mission.

Sassy Spoon began as a food truck but now has a permanent location. We are no longer operating the food truck.